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 We do not support Puppy Mills!

Welcome to Cathy's Miniature Schnauzer Kennel. Puppies & toy size for adoption. 

We at MiniPuppies raise and breed Black/Silver, Salt/Pepper and Black AKC purebred Miniature Schnauzers and toy with champion lines.  

We only breed the best.  An unhealthy adult will only produce unhealthy puppies and no puppy leaves here unless it is found to be in perfect

health by our veterinarian.  Our goal is to provide you with healthy puppies that have playful sweet temperaments and of course, great looks.

A tribute to Maggie Mae.


 Get the scoop on Mrs. Jones.  Click on Mrs. Jones' picture to hear 99.9kez FM interview.

    Adopt a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy!     

Our puppies are spoken for at this time but we expect to have litters again this summer.

Please view the Ladies' Page and the  Gents' Page.  and see what our breeding program is like.  The breeding couldn't

be better in our dogs. Most are champion sired and loaded with healthy champion lines.  They are square in build with nice

tail sets and thick soft coats.  The temperaments are sweet and playful, not barky nor hyper.  All puppies grow up to look

and act like the parents, it's all in the breeding.  And if you're looking for a companion with unconditional love, you can't beat a

Miniature Schnauzer. 

We will announce and accept deposits again only when we have puppies on the way.  All puppies are $1,275.00 with a

spay/neuter agreement.  A deposit of $275. by check sent along with our Puppy Agreement  is necessary to hold a puppy.  

Please call Cathy: 614 877-9808 before making a deposit to hold your puppy.

  Join us on Facebook:


To hold a puppy, you're welcome to send a deposit of $275 check or use PayPal (above). 

But please call Cathy: 614 877-9808 before making a deposit to hold your puppy.


       Visit us on Facebook        We're on Twitter too.      Best Vitamins for your dog's every need

My Good Name means everything to me!

I want to address this issue:  The Internet is a wonderful place for information, shopping and bringing people together and the whole world closer. 

But it is also a heaven for scams, hackers, con artist and thieves. Every day we get scam E-mail sent to us and luckily we have not fallen for it. 

But now a new way of scamming to extort money has come about from web sites like; Ripoff Report, Complaints Board and Scam Found just to name a few.

These web sites post fabricated defamatory complaints under phony names for the purpose of extorting money.  They pick on popular web sites like mine

and ask for money to push down or remove the lies that are written. The first time this happened it was in 2010.  Lies were posted about my kennel by people

using fake names calling me and other breeders a puppy mill and saying that we sell sick puppies, etc……..all written in the same broken English and misspelled words.

  I didn’t know this was written on the Internet until I was sent E-mail from a phony person pretending to be interested in buying a puppy, but after reading the bad reports

 posted on the Internet about my kennel, not willing to buy a puppy from me.. (When I checked this person's e-mail address, no information was found.) 

Then I was contacted by a fake Company asking if I needed their help to bury the lies and slander written for an initial $199.00 & $99.00 a month thereafter.  And the price

goes higher.  It didn't matter when I begged the webmaster to take the slander and lies written on his web site off, he refused.  When I lost my temper and called him names,

more lies and slander were posted about me on different web sites all owned by the same person.  To save my reputation, I sent all the information about this to 20/20,

the FBI and paid an investigator but to no avail.  To my defense, you can read about these various web site scam artists on the Internet.  But sadly, it doesn't help when

my good name and kennel's reputation are being destroyed. I want everyone to know, we do not support Puppy Mills or unhealthy breeding!  We are a very small business

and carefully breed healthy Schnauzers. We have 10 dogs total and treat them as pets.  Our dogs live with us and are not kept in a kennel.  The little green house is where

they go potty and we have two acres for them to play. Every dog and puppy that leaves here goes with a veterinary health record.  We don't ship puppies.  No sick puppy has

ever been sold by us and everyone comes here to pick the puppy up.  We welcome visitors and are very proud of the hard work that has gone into our breeding program to

assure you healthy Miniature Schnauzers.  The latest web site to trash me on the Internet, not only posted false accusations but offered me a costly REMOVE YOUR NAME NOW

button.  These thieves are nothing less than robbers without guns, who feel no remorse for slandering my good name and ruining a business that I have worked hard to establish. 

Popular web sites are easy prey for thieves who lack ethics and think nothing of making up false stories to extort money. If you want to see who is behind most of these evil web sites

and who is extorting money from innocent people, download this PDF police record file:  Complaints Board,

the latest to defame me, is another web site that fabricates complaints to extort money.  It is owned by a man in Russia, and beyond the reach of US courts.  It is said that they hate

Americans because they take better care of their pets than people.  (I love animals but value humans too).  If you read about these criminals, it will give you an idea what I'm up against.  Now to all the people who have bought dogs from us: I asked that you not write into these web sites on my behalf. 

It will only cause them to write more lies and add fuel to the fire.  If they find out you have a business, they may try defaming you and I would not like to see this happen.

Our Miniature Schnauzer Board is full of Q & A's about Mini and Toy Schnauzers.

The importance of Vitamins.

This website is dedicated to good breeding with subjects related to: 

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies, Adoption, Pure-bred, Blogs, Health, Pet Vitamins,

Miniature Schnauzers, champion breeding, breeding for healthy Schnauzer Puppies...well, just anything related to our favorite doggies ...Miniature Schnauzers.  

Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies have gone to several different states: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado,

Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,

Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Hampshire,

New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina,

South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D. C., West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  

Look at WeBe's Miniature and Toy size Schnauzers and you will see that our smaller minis qualify as toy size. 

Call to reserve your puppy: Cathy Talik                 Phone: 614 877-9808                 11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd     London, Ohio 43140 


 Watch above as Landry meets his baby girl for the first time. See how Gentle he is.

                                                      Official PayPal Seal
 Use PayPal for your convenience.  But please call Cathy: 614 877-9808 before making a deposit to hold your puppy.

Shipping and getting your puppy home safely:

Ideally, we would like for you to drive here and see the nice conditions and meet the parents of your puppy.  But if this is a hardship

and shipping is the only option, we are willing to ship an older puppy who has had all its shots.  Taking a puppy home by plane as a carry

on is another option.  Here are some airports you can call: Columbus (CMH) is the largest airport located near us here in Ohio. 

Call:  1-614 239-4000

Rickenbacker Airport 7161 Second St. Columbus, Ohio 43217  Call: 614 491-1401

We also have a small craft airport called Bolton Field close to our home.  Bolton Field location: 2000 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228 

614 851-9900 More information about these airports can be found at this link:

Ground service is another option.  They pick the puppy up here and transport the puppy to your door.  Just Google Pet Ground Service

to find companies who provide this service in your area. Pets and Claws Ground service

Click on Schnauzer Chat and Blog Board for Schnauzer Breeders.

about our favorite doggies; Miniature Schnauzers.  Ask questions about Breeding, Whelping, Health, training, building websites, genetic problems.....Just any and all things related to Miniature Schnauzers.  And for those who write in to help answer Questions; Remember, to be helpful.  There is room for everyone.

Stewart not only went to a loving home but to Ohio State Buckeye fans.  Go Bucks!

                         Please call: 614 877-9808  Send E-Mail to:       

Jilly Bean's puppies, pictured below, are all spoken for.

 I'm guilty......of being adorable.                                 I'm innocent and sweet.                                                         

      Incarcerated but not for long!                    Breaking out soon.        First taste of wind and snow.  

Vitamins, Dog Food, Diet, Health, Potty Training, AKC Breeding.

When you take your new puppy home, we provide a care package of food, starter vitamins and registration papers. 

You will also get an informational packet on when to feed, groom, best ways to potty train and how often to see the vet.  

 We won't leave you stranded.      

                                    Official PayPal Seal

Use PayPal for your convenience.  But please call Cathy: 614 877-9808 before making a deposit to hold your puppy.  

If you appreciate good breeding Call: 614 877-9808. If you would like for us to contact you when the puppies are born:

Please talk with us first before you print our puppy agreement and send a deposit Puppy Agreement

Click to see if we have any available puppies for you.   

If you wish to reserve a puppy, you must first print and fill out our Puppy Agreement.

A deposit of $275 is required to hold a puppy of your choice.     Send E-Mail to:                                                                                                           

                                         Cathy Talik (MiniPuppies)          Phone: 614 877-9808

                                          11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd     London, Ohio 43140

We are located about 10 miles southwest of Columbus, Ohio.  Send E-Mail to: 

Our Vet in London  You are welcome to contact our vet and ask about our puppies.


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