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Watch our Miniature Schnauzer, Georgie, whelp the last puppy in her litter of 5.


                           Georgie whelping.                                                                                         Georgie playing with, J. J., the sire to her litter.



Georgie's same puppies at 4 1/2 weeks.  Already playing.                              Two of Georgie's  puppies............ groomed and un-groomed.                           7 weeks old

Below are some pictures of our Miniature Schnauzer puppies from different litters

that have all gone to loving homes. To get a puppy just like one of these, you will

need to get on our list. Call: 614 877-9808 or                                                                                                               


                      Jilly's 07 puppies gone to loving homes.            Jilly's 07 litter gone to new homes.


Puppy shown a week before busting out of prison.         Ready for Parole.                       Two Bad Dudes!                                                          

Convicts jailed with bunnies.  They all pled guilty.                                   Mug shot.                                              Angel Face.

              He ain't heavy, he's my brother.                                                           Looking to get paroled.

               Salt/Pepper male.               Black/Silver puppy stepping on the head of a Salt/Pepper male.  Ouch!

Max and his new family.  Max is a lucky puppy.

New puppy being greeted by her family.


Hi there, Cathy,
I can't believe that Oliver is a year old today!  He has gone from the most adorable puppy in the whole entire world (ever)

to the most adorable, healthy, happy, confident dog in the whole entire world (ever). I attached a few photos so you can see

how handsome he is.  He and his big sister have already worn out the birthday monkey I gave him this morning.  They were the very best

of friends from the very beginning!  Thanks for such excellent breeding.  We couldn't be happier with our little fellow!! Rebecca


Above are pics of Hattie's litter that have gone to loving homes. 


These puppies are from J. J. and Maxi's 2011.  Boy, was it a cold winter that year.

Call: 614-877-9808  E-mail:

Call: 614 877-9808  E Mail:

Georgie and Tux's 09 litter have gone to forever homes.



If you have your heart set on one

of these gorgeous well bred puppies, call: 614 877-9808.  We can only hold a puppy

of your choice with a deposit sent along with our Puppy Agreement

But please contact and talk with us before sending your deposit. 

             Ashland (pregnant) and me summer of 07.         Maggie (last pregnancy 07) doesn't feel so good.

Call: 614-877-9808   E-mail: or

If you would like for us to contact you when the puppies arrive:  or

Please talk with us first before you print our Puppy Agreement and send a deposit Puppy Agreement.  

Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies have gone to several different states: Alabama, Alaska,

Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,

Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Hampshire,

New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D. C., West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  

Look at WeBe's Miniature and Toy size Schnauzers and you will see that our smaller minis qualify as toy size. 

Call to reserve your puppy: Cathy Talik                 Phone: 614 877-9808                 11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd     London, Ohio 43140 

When you pick your puppy up, we accept only "Cash" for the Balance.



We start new puppy owners the right way.  All puppies will be sent home with our own special care package.  This includes:

Veterinary health record,

AKC registration papers unless otherwise specified, Five generation pedigree on the puppies' parents, Tails docked, Dew

claws removed, Wormed,  Informational Packet of Mini Tips, Groomed unless specified otherwise, A supply of Royal Canin

Starter  food and a supply of NuVet vitamins.  We ask that our puppies be kept on NuVet Plus Canine.  This Nutritional

Supplement is available through breeder recommendation only. We feel NuVet Plus Canine is an excellent way to help

maintain a healthy puppy.  Our puppies and Adult dogs are now given NuVet Plus Canine on a daily basis. 

We have added this product to our nutrition program to protect and strengthen the immune systems before,

during pregnancy and after birth.  Before leaving our kennel with your new puppy, you will be sent home with

a starter kit of food and NuVet Plus Canine Vitamins.  To help insure a healthy puppy and a healthy adult life,

we ask that you please have this on hand before you leave our kennel. NuVet vitamins are not available in stores

but through breeder programs only.  The order line is 1-800-474-7044.  You're welcome to use my order code #64169.

The order line hours are 8am - 6pm Pacific time.  The web address is:   To help

us watch our puppies grow, NuVet  Labs will be sending us a monthly report on which puppies are being supplemented

with NuVet Plus Canine.


NuVet Vitamins        Royal Canin Mini Starter Food       

                       Look at our future breeders.   


                                              Hattie before.                                             Hattie after.                                  


                                                                                          Hattie with her ears cropped.                           



                                             Who could resist me?


                                 Born in an Iris patch?



                                               Future Mommies.  


                                                        Future Daddy.                                                                   



                                                 Who me?  Say what?


                            I always feel better after a hair cut.     

You can contact us by e-mail or by phone: 614 877-9808.

Please send us your: 



Phone Numbers:


Where we can get in touch with you.  It is not necessary to send a deposit but a 

 deposit is the only way we can hold a puppy of your choice.



   Black/Sliver girl from Sadie and Herbie.                   Sweet dark S/P beauty.



                                                                          Running a little behind.  

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Call 614 877-9808  to get on our list. or

11225 Big Plain Circlevile Rd.  London, Ohio 43140  MapQuest

Mike and Cathy Talik

11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd.

London, Ohio 43140

614 877-9808 or

We are located about 10 miles southwest of Columbus, Ohio and 8 miles from Grove City, Ohio




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