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Extended Miniature Schnauzer Health Guarantee

I can't express enough how important it is to keep your pet on a healthy food plan, daily vitamins and exercise.  At the time of sale, to my knowledge and belief, this puppy is in sound health and free from defect or communicable diseases.   

An initial three-day health guarantee is given and valid only to the buyer named below and only if the puppy is examined by a veterinarian within 3 business days from date of purchase against Parvo. Please keep records of your veterinary visitsBuyer acknowledges that if buyer precedes with medical treatment from his/her veterinarian, instead of immediately returning the puppy to the seller, or at least consulting with seller, then this guarantee is null and void. If the puppy cannot be returned to good health within 72 hours of its return, then the seller shall exchange the puppy for another puppy of the same gender and of equal value at once, if available. If not available immediately, this will be done from the next litter of puppies born of the same breed.  No money will be refunded at this time. If seller has no other similar puppies of comparable value available within a six month period, then buyer shall receive a refund for the purchase price of that puppy.   

We are not responsible for any vet bills once the puppy has left our property.  Buyer is responsible for shots and veterinary exams.


Two Year Guarantee:

To warrant a two year your health agreement, order NuVet Plus canine Vitamins for no less than the first two years of your puppy's life.  To help us watch our puppies grow strong and healthy, NuVet Labs will be sending us a monthly report on which puppies are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine. This is why it is necessary to use my code number 64169.  To order by phone: 1-800-474-7044.  Your order code is 64169.  A picture is provided at the bottom of this page with a handy link.  If you have any questions about NuVet Plus Canine, please let us know.


This puppy is guaranteed for two years against life-threatening congenital or genetic defect, determined at necropsy to be born with the defect, and only if it becomes necessary to euthanize.   


This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect.  Chronic obesity and/or poor hygiene, lack of exercise constitute neglect. To remain in effect, this dog must receive annual veterinary checkups and treatment as prescribed. To keep our dogs in good physical health we feed them Royal Canin Mini Starter dog food which can be found at most pet stores.  Pictures are provided at the bottom.  Please continue feeding your puppy Royal Canin as he matures.  He can easily be switch to Royal Canin Mini Adult dog food when he gets around 7 months old or when your vet thinks it is time.  You’ll find with Royal Canin there is less clean up, less smell; teeth stay cleaner and when not overfed, your dog will maintain a healthy weight.  "Never feed your dog table scraps".  


We ask that our puppies be kept on NuVet Plus Canine.  This Nutritional Supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.  To help insure a healthy puppy, please have this on hand before you leave our kennel. The order line is 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is 64169. The order line hours are 8am - 6pm Pacific Time.  The web address is:


Spay or Neuter Agreement: (Unless sold on full registration)

The Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the above mentioned puppy between 5 and 9 months of age or this and all guarantees/agreements will be void.   Failure to do so will be a cause of breach of contract and this contract will be void and unable to be enforced by Buyer's at a later date. 


By signing below, buyer acknowledges that he or she has read and reviewed the terms of this agreement. Both parties acknowledge there are no other warranties or representations made with respect to this puppy other than as set forth herein, and that buyer has also printed from internet or if picking up puppy has received a copy of this form.


We opted not to start the series of canine vaccinations at this young age.  We feel it best to wait until the puppy is older and weighs more.  Ask your vet what age is best for your puppy.  Your puppy has been wormed with Nemex wormer at two, four and six weeks of age.  You will be given a veterinary health record with your puppy.  Please take this medical record with you when visiting your vet.  We do not recommend that you give your puppy a shot with Lepto in it.  Consult your vet about this issue.


No other warrantees or guarantees, expressed or implied, made under this contract except what is said within this contract.  By accepting this receipt you agree to all the terms within the agreement.


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Litter Owner: Cathy Talik

Phone:   614 877-9808

11225 Big Plain Circleville Rd.

London, Ohio 43140


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