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Our puppies are spoken for.  We'll be breeding again soon.  All

puppies are $3,000 and sold with a limited registration.

Lots of testing in the blood lines to weed out genetic problems.

Bred only from healthy lines.  Our dogs are square in build, with soft

thick coats, smart and obedient, not barky or snappy, playful and eager

to please. 

Breeding Miniature Schnauzers has been a real pleasure for us. We have been breeding Miniature Schnauzers since 1999

and try to do the very best job we can.  I've read a stack of books on breeding and attended a breeder class at

Ohio State University in breeding.  And even though experience is the best teacher, I still learn something new every day. 

Our business is small and our dogs share our home. We socialize them with friends, family and children. When they are

old enough to leave our home they will be ready for yours. Before Leaving our Home:

All puppies have their tails docked, dewclaws removed, are wormed and come with an individual veterinary health record.

Each puppy will be AKC registered unless specified otherwise.  Your new puppy will be sent home with a care package,

which includes: Food/vitamins to start off with, a soft pad to lie on, AKC registration papers and a pedigree to show off

his/her fine breeding.  Weíll be waiting for your call.  Cathy Talik 614 877-9808 or email:

Please view the Ladies' Page and the  Gents' Page.  and see what our breeding program is like.  We breed only

healthy dogs who have sweet temperaments. Most are champion sired and all come from healthy lines.  They are square

in build with nice tail sets and thick soft coats.  The temperaments are sweet and playful, not barky nor hyper.  And if

you're looking for a companion with unconditional love, you can't beat a Miniature Schnauzer

All puppies are $3,000 with a spay/neuter agreement.  A deposit of $500.00 by check sent along

with our Puppy Agreement is necessary to hold a puppy. 

Please call Cathy: 614 877-9808 before making a deposit to hold your puppy.

  Join us on Facebook:

Finding a responsible breeder: 


A trustworthy, legitimate breeder should always provide you with a written contract and health guarantee before

you purchase the dog. Lastly, they should provide you with your new puppyís official papers and health records.



When looking for a reputable dog breeder, start by checking with trusted sources like your veterinarian or national

breed clubs. For example, if you are looking for a French Bulldog, the official French Bulldog Club of America keeps

a directory of breeder members who have signed a code of ethics and have met a number of requirements, such as

a health guarantee and a return policy. Additionally, the AKCís web site provides a search engine for AKC breeders

of merit. 



If possible, try and visit the breederís home before agreeing to buy one of their puppies. The best kinds of breeders

offer ample, comfortable living spaces for their dogs. Itís also important to note that their puppies are not being confined

in cages or small spaces constantly, and that they get proper exercise and care. Dirty and overcrowded breeding spaces

should be a red flag. 



It may not seem necessary, but itís a good sign when breeders question potential dog parents about their intentions for

welcoming a puppy into the family. Itís almost like a human adoption process. They want to be very sure that you are

ready for this big life change, and are qualified to raise and care for the dog. If you are purchasing a larger active dog

from an expert breeder, they will ask questions about how big your living space is and if you have a yard or are near a

park. Questions that prove they care about their puppies show that they are responsible and trustworthy.



Responsible breeders do not always have litters of puppies available for purchase. Typically, breeders only have one

or two litters per year. If you are speaking with a breeder that has multiple puppies available, this might indicate that you

are dealing with a puppy mill.

Phone call to Cathy's Miniature Schnauzer House.

  Schnauzer Puppies



Watch to see how gentle Georgie is with her baby.  Even when the pup tries to nurse she doesn't get upset..

salt/pepper miniature schnauzer

You can watch this little female's birth on the Nursery Page.

 My Good Name means everything to me!  Ripoff Report Scam

I want to address this issue:  The Internet is a wonderful place for information, shopping and bringing people together

and the whole world closer.  But it is also a heaven for scams, hackers, con artist and thieves. Every day we get scam

E-mail sent to us and luckily we have not fallen for it. But now a new way of scamming to extort money has come about

from web sites like; Ripoff Report, Complaints Board and Scam Found just to name a few.  These web sites post fabricated

defamatory complaints under phony names for the purpose of extorting money.  They pick on popular web sites like mine

and ask for money to push down or remove the lies that are written. The first time this happened it was in 2010.  Lies were

posted about my kennel by people using fake names calling me and other breeders a puppy mill and saying that we sell

sick puppies, etcÖÖ..all written in the same broken English and misspelled words.  I didnít know this was written on the

Internet until I was sent E-mail from a phony person pretending to be interested in buying a puppy, but after reading the bad

reports posted on the Internet about my kennel, not willing to buy a puppy from me. (When I checked this person's e-mail address,

no information was found.)  Then I was contacted by a fake Company asking if I needed their help to bury the lies and slander

written for an initial $199.00 & $99.00 a month thereafter.  And the price goes higher.  It didn't matter when I begged the webmaster

to take the slander and lies written on his web site off, he refused.  When I lost my temper and called him names, more lies and

slander were posted about  me on different web sites all owned by the same person.  To save my reputation, I sent all the information

about this to 20/20, the FBI and paid an investigator but to no avail.  To my defense, you can read about these various web site scam

artists on the Internet.  But sadly, it doesn't help when my good name and kennel's reputation are being destroyed. I want everyone

to know, we do not support Puppy Mills or unhealthy breeding!  We are a very small business and carefully breed healthy Schnauzers.

We have 10 dogs total and treat them as pets.  Our dogs live with us and are not kept in a kennel.  The little green house is where they

go potty and we have two acres for them to play.  Every dog and puppy that leaves here goes with a veterinary health record. 

We don't ship puppies.  No sick puppy has ever been sold by us and everyone comes here to pick the puppy up. We welcome

visitors and are very proud of the hard work that has gone into our breeding program to assure you healthy Miniature Schnauzers.  

The latest web site to trash me on the Internet, not only posted false accusations but offered me a costly REMOVE YOUR NAME NOW 

button.  These thieves are nothing less than robbers without guns, who feel no remorse for slandering my good name and ruining a

business that I have worked hard to establish.  Popular web sites are easy prey for thieves who lack ethics and think nothing of making

up false stories to extort money. If you want to see who is behind most of these evil web sites and who is extorting money

from innocent people, download this PDF police record file: 

Complaints Board, the latest to defame me, is another web site that fabricates complaints to extort money.  It is owned by a man in Russia,

and beyond the reach of US courts.  It is said that they hate Americans because they take better care of their pets than people. 

(I love animals but value humans too).  If you read about these criminals, it will give you an idea what I'm up against.  Now to all the people who have bought dogs from us:

I asked that you not write into these web sites on my behalf.  It will only cause them to write more lies and add fuel to the fire. 

If they find out you have a business, they may try defaming you and I would not like to see this happen.

Hi Cathy,
I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how disappointed and shocked I am upon reading the nasty complaints

regarding your breeding program. My Cooper (Cooper x Ashland, 2008) will be 3 years old on March 14th, and is a

product of your quality breeding program.  I cannot put into words how much joy Cooper brings to my family and I. 

His intelligence, obedience, and never ending devotion has made him a great companion and addition to our family. 

That was exactly what I was looking for 3 years ago when I contacted you about your breeding program and I have

never doubted my decision to bring Cooper home.  I am always more than willing to speak with others who may

have questions (or concerns) about your breeding program. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for

potential customers.  I plan to send you pictures of Cooper in a month or two and update you on how he is doing.  

Please continue working to improve the Miniature Schnauzer breed.  Those of us who have purchased a puppy

 from you in the past can appreciate your hard work and integrity. Sincerely, Chad

Shipping and getting your puppy home safely:

Ideally, we would like for you to drive here and see the nice conditions and meet the parents

of your puppy.  But if this is a hardship and shipping is the only option, we are willing to ship

an older puppy who has had all its shots.  Taking a puppy home by plane as a carry on is another

option.  Here are some airports you can call: Columbus (CMH) is the largest airport located near

us here in Ohio. Call:  1-614 239-4000 Rickenbacker Airport 7161 Second St.

Columbus, Ohio 43217  Call: 614 491-1401 We also have a small craft airport called Bolton Field

close to our home.  Bolton Field location: 2000 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228  614 851-9900

More information about these airports:

Ground service is another option.  They pick the puppy up here and transport the puppy to your door. 

Just Google Pet Ground Service to find companies who provide this service in your area.

Things you might want to consider before buying a new puppy.

balack/silver schnauzer puppyschnauzer puppy

Hi Cathy,

First off: Thank you so much for delivering Mona in such great shape. I love the care package, and misc things provided.

I'll be talking with you on a regular basis, and asking some questions here and there.  Mona made it back with no problems

whatsoever... didn't get sick, and no accidents along the way. Put a puppy pad down in the floor board, she used that twice

like a good girl. Once getting home, she ate very well, was constantly looking around for more. She of course acted as though

she hasn't eaten in weeks. :O)  Very cute to watch.  Didn't get much sleep last night as I expected. But everything is going very well...

she is adapting to her new home very well.  Thanks again.  Talk with you soon.  FLINT


Just wanted to let you know that ďBaxterĒ did great on the long ride home. We all held him and loved him all the way home.

We came home to the hurricane on Saturday and had no electricity from 7 am Saturday until 7 pm last night. Thankfully we

have a generator so we were able to have lights and water for part of the time. Baxter was unaffected by the inconvenience and

cried when he needed to go out -about every 2 hrs Friday night and 3 times Saturday night. He did much better last night Ė only

needed to go out at 2am this morning. He went right back to sleep when we came in.  We took Baxter to the vet Saturday morning.

Our vet agreed with your recommendation regarding the shots (he was actually very impressed that a breeder cared so much for the

health of the puppy after selling him). Our vet checked him over, and as we knew, found that he is very healthy. He wants him to put

on a little more weight this week and try next weekend for his shots.  Jack and Baxter met at the kennel on Saturday morning. The

greeting went well. Jack is beginning to warm up to Baxter and they are establishing their hierarchy quite peacefully. Baxter follows

Jack a lot of the time and tries to play but Jack isnít quite sure how to play with him. Baxter has learned his name, he has learned to

sit for his food and treats (which is a piece of food when he goes potty in the right place) and if we are downstairs he will sometimes

go to the back door when he has to potty. He has had very few accidents in the house and actually used the puppy pad a few

times when the rain and wind were too bad to take him out.  had our puppy party to welcome Baxter home on Sunday and both

Baxter and Jack were on their best behavior. We had all guests wash their hands before greeting Baxter (even the guests without pets).

He entertained everyone with his playfulness and wooed all the women with his puppy breath and kisses. He is quite the little charmer,

and seems to prefer women to men, but he willingly went to anyone who wanted to hold or play with him. We are getting him on a

schedule for meals, playtime, and naptime. He eats very well and so far hasnít tried for Jackís food and Jack hasnít wanted to check

out Baxterís dish, but we stay close by just  in case weíre needed. I had forgotten how cute puppies are when they play. Baxter played

with his shadow this morning before he turned his attention to his toys. Of course anything that hangs down (pants legs, robes,

shoe stringsÖ) is fair game to him. We had to put a small bell on his collar so we could keep track of him when weíre walking since

he is always either on our heels or beside us. I love that when he gets tired he wants to crawl up in a lap to go to sleep. He has brought

so much joy into our lives already. I have some pictures on my phone to send to you when I can figure out how. Iíll also send you puppy

updates occasionally if thatís okay with you. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing up healthy puppies. Brenda and Harvey

Below, are Jilly Bean's puppies that have gone to loving homes. 

If you would like to get a puppy like one of these call: 614 877-9808 or write

schnauzerminiature schnauzers

Some how our little boy, Gunner, just kept getting stepped on.         But here he is standing.

SchnauzersMiniature schnauzers

Three Black/Silver and one Salt/Pepper on the far right.   Black/Silver      Salt/Pepper    Black/Silver


 Black/Silver and Salt/Pepper        Three Black/Silver and one Salt/Pepper getting stepped on again.


Below: Suzi and Cooper's 2009 puppies.  These puppies all went to loving homes.  If you

would like to have a puppy like one of these, get on our list now.  Call:614 877-9808

puppy adoption puppies

 puppy adoptionschnauzer breeder


Below: Pictures of Jilly and Scout's 2007 litter.  Again, these puppies have homes.  If you

would like to have a puppy like one of these, get on our list now.  Call:614 877-9808

pet schnauzers    mini schnauzer puppies         

Jilly Bean's 07 litter.  Spoken for: Black/Silver brother and sister.             Jilly Bean's 07 puppies.  Call: 614 877-9808     

       AKC schnauzersschnauzer

             Jilly's little girl from 07.   Gone to a nice home!                    Jilly's little Black Male from 07.  And now more on the way.      

adopt puppypet schnauzer

Four con artist.  Arrested for stealing hearts.                          In the slammer.  Bonnie and Clyde.

Please talk with us first before you print our Puppy Agreement and send your deposit Puppy Agreement 

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for future puppies: Call: 614 877-9808 or send us e-mail. 

We need your full name, Address, E-mails and Phone numbers where you can be reached. 

 You don't have to send a deposit but a deposit is the only way to reserve one of our  puppies.    

We start new puppy owners the right way.  All puppies will be sent home with our own special care package. 

This includes: Veterinary health record, AKC registration papers unless otherwise specified, Five generation

pedigree on the puppies' parents, Tails docked, Dew claws removed, Wormed, Informational Packet of Mini Tips,

Groomed unless specified otherwise, A supply of Royal Canin Starter Puppy Food and a supply of NuVet vitamins. 

We ask that our puppies be kept on NuVet Plus Canine.  This Nutritional Supplement is only available through

breeder recommendation only. We feel NuVet Plus Canine is an excellent way to help maintain a healthy puppy. 

Our puppies and Adult dogs are now given NuVet Plus Canine on a daily basis. We have added this product to our

nutrition program to  protect and strengthen the immune systems before, during pregnancy and after birth. 

Before leaving our kennel with your new puppy, you will be sent home with a starter kit of food and

NuVet Plus Canine.  To help insure a healthy puppy and a healthy adult life, we ask that you please have this

on hand before you leave our kennel. Nuvet vitamins are not available in stores but through breeder programs only. 

The order line is 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is #64169. The order line hours are

8am - 6pm Pacific time.  The web address is: 

 To help us watch our puppies grow, NuVet  Labs will be sending us a monthly report on which puppies are being

supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine. We encourage our customers to stay on a healthy food plan. 

Read our extended  Puppy Guarantee Send E-Mail To:

If you have questions about our breeding program, visit our About Us Page.


NuVet Vitamins        Royal Canin Starter Puppy Food

A letter to those getting a puppy from me.

Dear New Puppy Owners,

I have been breeding since 1999 and Iíve worked really hard to be the best breeder that I can possibly be. 

I started my breeding program with healthy dogs that I acquired from vets and other breeders who work hard

to weed out genetic problems.  And to assure even healthier puppies, we donít line breed or in-breed our dogs. 

But even with all the good careful breeding your puppy has, it is still a pedigree dog prone to certain

health issues.   Fortunately, our breeding dogs have never had genetic health problems, skin problems or even

Schnauzer bumps.  And I attribute this to good breeding, a healthy diet, exercise and good veterinary care. 

Iím not in this business to sell heartaches and I certainly donít want your puppy coming down with a genetic

defect especially when it could be prevented.  Your puppy will depend on you to feed him healthy food, interact

with him, protect his health with good veterinary care and teach him good behavior. Miniature Schnauzers are very

smart; one of the smartest breeds there are.  People tell me Schnauzers are able to learn many different tricks and

recognize up to 25 different words.  Minis come in different colors and with unique personalities.  Some Miniature

Schnauzers are quiet and laid back, some are more spirited while some are alpha dogs. I love them all, especially the alphas.  

Alphas are highly intelligent and natural born leaders.  When trained and handled right, alpha dogs are the most devoted. 

High spirited, laid back or alpha, to feel safe and secure, your puppy must see you as its leader.  No matter how smart

and cute a dog is; one that growls and bites, even as a puppy, is a bad dog and cannot be enjoyed and trusted.  To help

offset bad behavior, I highly recommend puppy school followed by obedience school for all you new puppy owners. 

Itís not the puppy who really needs the schooling; it is you who needs to learn how best to train your puppy. 

Invest in Cesar Milanís Book.  Watch The Dog Whisper on National Geographic and other dog related shows. 

The more you understand your dog, the easier training will become. Signs of neglect and abuse come in different forms. 

And Iím sure you would never intentionally neglect or abuse your puppy.  But sometimes what you may consider love,

could ruin a perfectly normal dog, especially a bright puppy.  Here are some things to avoid: (1) Never feed table scraps

and other food (junk treats) harmful to your puppy even when it is full grown.  I donít care if your puppy loves table food,

it will only lead to problems.  ďAny dog will choose table food over dog foodĒ.  I hate when I see an obese or overweight dog

It shows neglect not love.  Skip the junk treats!  ďA dogís own dog food is a treat if fed out of its masterís handĒ

If you keep your dog on a healthy diet, it will not only lead a happier life but live a longer life. 

(2) Never let your dog spend the entire day in an empty house. This is cruelty!  It is extremely important to interact, play or walk

your dog every day.  (3) Never, never allow your puppy to nip, bite and get away with bad behavior.  Letting a cute little puppy

get away with snapping, growling, (even one time) chewing on furniture, shoes, nipping (even one time) is wrong.  This will eventually

escalate to harmful bites followed by law suits and possibly having to euthanize your dog for safety reasons. I know you love your

puppy and I want you to have the best pet ever for years to come.  If for some reason you are unable to care for your puppy,

I will help you place it in another home.  But I canít help you place a puppy with bad behaviorÖ one that bites and canít be trusted. 

I refuse to reward people who neglect our puppies.

Spay/ Neutering        Ear Cropping         Shots

This is very important.  I cannot and donít take responsibility for complications that may arise from spay/ neutering or ear cropping. 

I am not responsible for any medical care done by any veterinarian. It is wise to talk everything over with your vet before having your pet

put to sleep or under general anesthetic for any procedure.  Ask your vet's opinion about future health issues or a possible personality

change that may arise from Spay/Neutering or ear cropping.  Shots:  I will not take responsibility for adverse side affects from your pet's

booster shots.  Talk all concerns over with your vet.  Ask your vet's opinion about annual booster shots verses autoimmune related

 problems.  Some vets donít feel it is necessary to give annual shots year after year for stay at home pets.  And some pets may need certain

inoculations suited to the life style and area you live in. Worms/Parasites:  Even though your puppy was wormed and raised in clean

conditions, it may break out with parasites or worms soon after going to its new home.  This is caused from stress for which I have no control.   




Pet Vitamins Need pet vitamins?  I'm glad to help.  You're welcome to use my order code, 64169, to place an order

and receive wholesale prices.    NuVet 1-800-474-7044