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A tribute to Maggie Mae

Our hearts are broken today on this Saturday July 14, 2012.  Today, we lost our beloved pet, Maggie Mae.  

We kept her as a family pet because she was one of the most gentle, sweetest, kindest, obedient, non- barky dogs here. 

She made a great couch potato while Mike watched games on TV.  She was a nice bed buddy and always warmed our backs

on cold winter nights.  One of the best things about Maggie was; she could go for hours without having to go potty.  And this

made it so nice when we wanted to sleep in.  Maggie never got up unless we did. Maggie had never been sick a day in her life

until 6 months ago.   She never complained of pain and at first we thought it was a bladder infection or maybe bladder stones. 

But after running several tests, it turned out to be bladder cancer.  (Now, I don’t want anyone to worry who has one of Maggie’s

puppies.  This is not hereditary to Miniature Schnauzers).  Maggie was headed toward 13 and with age come problems.  Maggie's

health took a turn for the worse when she had to urinate constantly and eventually losing control of her potty habits.  It broke our

hearts but we finally had to confine her to the garage at night.

Maggie was the most loving mother and got along with all the doggies here. Maggie had puppies with ease.  Everyone wanted a puppy

from Maggie.  Once she had a litter of 6 and never let out a peep.  Her puppies were always clean and she loved to lie on her back and

let them clime all over her.  At times she slept on her back while they nursed. Maggie was kind enough to adopt two puppies from another

litter and nurse them as her own.  Our female, Rudie, the one who had the two puppies, had become highly agitated due to having a caesarian. 

I was afraid Rudie was going to kill her two puppies if left alone with them.  Since Maggie had a litter of 4 two weeks earlier, I decided to see

if she would nurse Rudie’s two pups along with her own.   So, I put Maggie outside to potty while I rubbed urine from Maggie’s puppies onto

Rudie’s two new born puppies.  I then mixed them in with Maggie’s 4.  When I put Maggie back in with her puppies along with Rudie’s two mixed

in the pile, I held my breath.  Maggie sniffed Rudie’s puppies out right away.  She carefully separated Rudie’s two puppies away from her own. 

(Sweat was pouring from me)!  I thought if Maggie kills these two puppies (to preserve her milk for her own puppies) I will die from heart failure. 

But Maggie was much too loving to hurt Rudie’s puppies.  Maggie only separated them because she knew they needed nursed right away.  And

Maggie also understood Rudie's puppies were newly born and needed fed more often than her two week old puppies did. Maggie adopted Rudie’s

two puppies, kept them clean and nursed them until they were weaned and ready for new homes. 

Maggie enjoyed her pet life living here.  She loved playing with all the doggies and occasionally was asked to babysit puppies ready to leave for

new homes.  She was always playful and accommodating when asked to help. Each morning when she woke, Maggie stood on her hind legs and

batted her front paws at the air to say, "it's a good morning". Mike took her to our farm and she enjoyed riding with him in the car.  When she went

out to explore the yard, Maggie stayed close to the house and never wondered away.  When it was time to bed the dogs for the night, Maggie enjoyed

herding them............. especially the male dogs.  And they listened to her with no arguments.

I hope someday we’ll see her again……………I think God has plenty of room in heaven for devoted pets, don’t you? 

I just hope I make it there and see Maggie again!

         Maggie last Dec.                         Maggie the bed buddy                        Maggie pregnant                                Maggie out for R&R.


        Ready to deliver                        Some of Maggie's puppies                Maggie smiling and needing a bath             Maggie, we miss you.

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