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My Good Name means everything to me. Having someone trash

what I've worked so hard for, is like a knife in my heart. 

Ripoff Report Scam

I want to address this issue:  The Internet is a wonderful place for information, shopping and bringing people together

and the whole world closer.  But it is also a heaven for scams, hackers, con artist and thieves. Every day we get scam

E-mail sent to us and luckily we have not fallen for it. But now a new way of scamming to extort money has come about

from web sites like; Ripoff Report, Complaints Board and Scam Found just to name a few.  These web sites post fabricated

defamatory complaints under phony names for the purpose of extorting money.  They pick on popular web sites like mine

and ask for money to push down or remove the lies that are written. The first time this happened it was in 2010.  Lies were

posted about my kennel by people using fake names calling me and other breeders a puppy mill and saying that we sell

sick puppies, etc……..all written in the same broken English and misspelled words.  I didn’t know this was written on the

Internet until I was sent E-mail from a phony person pretending to be interested in buying a puppy, but after reading the bad

reports posted on the Internet about my kennel, not willing to buy a puppy from me. (When I checked this person's e-mail address,

no information was found.)  Then I was contacted by a fake Company asking if I needed their help to bury the lies and slander

written for an initial $199.00 & $99.00 a month thereafter.  And the price goes higher.  It didn't matter when I begged the webmaster

to take the slander and lies written on his web site off, he refused.  When I lost my temper and called him names, more lies and

slander were posted about  me on different web sites all owned by the same person.  To save my reputation, I sent all the information

about this to 20/20, the FBI and paid an investigator but to no avail.  To my defense, you can read about these various web site scam

artists on the Internet.  But sadly, it doesn't help when my good name and kennel's reputation are being destroyed. I want everyone

to know, we do not support Puppy Mills or unhealthy breeding!  We are a very small business and carefully breed healthy Schnauzers.

We have 10 dogs total and treat them as pets.  Our dogs live with us and are not kept in a kennel.  The little green house is where they

go potty and we have two acres for them to play.  Every dog and puppy that leaves here goes with a veterinary health record. 

We don't ship puppies.  No sick puppy has ever been sold by us and everyone comes here to pick the puppy up. We welcome

visitors and are very proud of the hard work that has gone into our breeding program to assure you healthy Miniature Schnauzers.  

The latest web site to trash me on the Internet, not only posted false accusations but offered me a costly REMOVE YOUR NAME NOW 

button.  These thieves are nothing less than robbers without guns, who feel no remorse for slandering my good name and ruining a

business that I have worked hard to establish.  Popular web sites are easy prey for thieves who lack ethics and think nothing of making

up false stories to extort money. If you want to see who is behind most of these evil web sites and who is extorting money

from innocent people, download this PDF police record file: 

Complaints Board, the latest to defame me, is another web site that fabricates complaints to extort money.  It is owned by a man in Russia,

and beyond the reach of US courts.  It is said that they hate Americans because they take better care of their pets than people. 

(I love animals but value humans too).  If you read about these criminals, it will give you an idea what I'm up against.  Now to all the people who have bought dogs from us:

Please do not write into these web sites on my behalf.  It will only cause them to write more lies and add fuel to the fire. 

If they find out you have a business, they may try defaming you and I would hate to see that happen. Although it's been years

since this has happened, it still hurts!